Veneta Lyubenova

This year on Valentine's day we would like to share a love story from our section! As it's with wine, their relationship gets only better with time. Not to wait anymore, here is their love story.

Three years ago we welcomed students from different countries for the summer semester. Two of them were our friends Alisa (Moldova) and Blerim (Albania). In the beginning both shy and confused by the new environment they found a common language with the group and started hanging out. After spending time together and especially their trip to Bucharest in May 2018 they became very good friends. On the last day of their mobility, they said “see you” instead of “goodbye” and continued their friendship from distance. Nine months later after experiencing changes in their personal lives and sharing with each other they got more and more closer and decided to meet again.

In February 2019, Alisa and Blerim had their first reunion in Istanbul – the city where the East meets the West. At that moment both of them found peace and harmony of being together and fell in love… After this moment they decided to continue both their study and relationship by meeting every month in a different place.


To the question – how did COVID-19 impact your relationship, they shared:

The most wanted and challenging was to fly to Barcelona in March. Unfortunately, we didn’t spend much time there. We arrived in the early morning and at 5 pm emergency status of the county was announced. It cost us new six months in distance.

What they shared about their Erasmus+ mobility is:

“Erasmus+ brought us together in wonderful Bulgaria. Thanks to the project, we expanded our worldview. Our friends by their personal experience inspired us to communicate without borders and to discover the world…It was a challenging experience that went over our expectations. It was priceless to  live in a multinational environment, to improve our language skills, to break different stereotypes, and of course to understand ourselves better.”


Thank you, Alisa and Blerim for being such an inspiration for us, and happy anniversary!